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Beifang tuyu cidian (Dictionary of the northern dialect). Shanghai: Chunming, 1951.

CEDICT (Chinese English Dictonary) Project.

Chinese Character Dictionary (

Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary (prepared by Rick Harbaugh)

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A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms (William Edward Soothill)

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Translations Services (offers a range of language services including free online English-Chinese translation tool, Chinese language paraphrasing tool, and a collection of English-Chinese useful phrases)

Xiandai Hanyu cidian. Beijing: Shangwu, 1978. [good for contemporary PRC usage]

Xiandai Hanyu cidian (The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary). Beijng: Waiyu jiaoxue yu yanjiu, 2002. [an excellent Chinese ditionary that includes definitions and examples in both Chinese and English]

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Xinhua zidian Online (Zai xian Xinhua zidian)

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Dictionaries of Modern Chinese Literature

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[Annotation: presents a broad perspective on the development and history of literature in modern China. It offers a chronology, introduction, bibliography, and over 300 cross-referenced dictionary entries on authors, literary and historical developments, trends, genres, and concepts that played a central role in the evolution of modern Chinese literature.]

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Periodicals and Publishing

China Yearbook (Zhongguo nianjian). [contains important factual data about publishing of books and journals]

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Zhongguo xiandai wenxue qikan mulu huibian (Catalogue and list of modern Chinese literary journals). 2 vols. Tianjin: Tianjin renmin, 1984. [lists works published in important journals of the Republican period; bias toward leftist journals]

Literary Compendia

Ershi shiji Hanyu shixuan (Selected poems in Chinese from the 20th century). 5 vols. Ed. Jiang Gengyu. Shanghai: Shanghai jiaoyu, 1999.

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Bibliographies of Primary Materials

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[Annotation: brief synopses of important May Fourth articles, including those pertaining to literary issues and literary criticism]

The Cultural Revolution: A Bibliography, 1966-1996. Compiled by Yongyi Song and Dajin Sun. Cambridge: Harvard-Yenching Library Bibliographic Series, 1998.

Gateway Service Center for Chinese Academic Journal Articles (University of Pittsburgh) [order, free of charge, copies of journal articles from Chinese language academic journals]

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Xinbian zengbu Qingmo Minchu xiaoshuo mulu (Newly-edited and enlarged catalogue of late Qing early Republican period fiction). Ed. Tarumoto Teruo. Jinan, Shandong: Qilu shushe, 2002. [this catalogue is now the preeminent reference work for late Qing fiction, surpassing that of A Ying]

Quanguo wenxue zuopin mulu diaocha 1949-53 (National literary works catalogue survey, 1949-53). Beijing: Zhonghua quanguo wenxue gongzuozhe xiehui, 1953. [link to electronic copy on the University of Pittsburgh digital library]

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[Annotation: very useful, but highly moralistic, bibliographic study; contains biographies; description of contents of 1500 works; and a useful bibliography of translations]

van Crevel, Maghiel. "Unofficial Poetry Journals from the People's Republic of China: A Research Note and an Annotated Bibliography." MCLC Resource Center Publication (February 2007).

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[Annotation: The 10th and final volume of this essential literary compendium includes "historical materials" (shiliao), including essay on early modern literary history by Zhou Zuoren, Hu Shi, and Chen Zizhan; materials related to literary associations and societies, such as manifestos; short biographies of over 142 important writers, a catalogue of important publications in literary histories, poetry, fiction, drama, essays, etc; a catalogue of published translations from foreign languages; a list of important literary journals, and tables of contents for the most important among them]

Zhongguo xiandai wenxue zong shumu (Bibliography of modern Chinese literature). Eds. Jia Zhifang and Yu Yuangui. Fujian jiaoyu, 1993. [lists in chronological order publication of works of modern Chinese literature arranged into five generic categories: poetry, essay, fiction, drama, and translations; has both author and title indices]

Zhongguo xiandai wenxue zuopin shuming da cidian (Encyclopedia of titles and works of modern Chinese literature). 3 vols. Taipei: Zhiyan, 1986. [lists hundreds of titles of all genres of modern literature, includes bibliographic info and descriptions and annotations; not comprehensive, especially for post-1949 literature]

Zhongguo xiandai xiaoshuo bianmu (A catalogue of modern Chinese fiction). Zhou Jin, ed. Taipei: Chengwen, 1980.

Zhongguo xiandai zuojia zhuyi shumu (A catalogue modern Chinese writers, their works and translations). 2 vols. Beijing: Shumu wenxuan, 1982. [list of publications by 50 most important modern writers from 1919-1981; good information on editions]

Bibliographies of Secondary Studies


Current Western Studies:

Current Chinese Studies:

Japanese Studies:

European Studies

Soviet Studies

Biography and Interviews

Minguo renwu zhuanji shiliao huibian (The collected biographies and historical materials of people in the republican
era). 18 vols. Taipei: Academia Historica, 1999.

Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women. Eds. Dr Lily Xiao Hong Lee and Dr A. D. Stefanowska. 4 vols. The Twentieth Century, forthcoming, 2001.

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Moran, Thomas and Ye Xu, eds. Dictionary of Literary Biography: Chinese Fiction Writers, 1950-2000. Detroit: Gale, 2013.

Quanguo geji zhengxie wenshi ziliao pianmu suoyin, 1960-1992 (Index to Literary and Historical Materials Published by People Political Consultative Conference Nationwide and At All Levels). 5 vols. Beijing: Zhongguo wenshi, 1992. [good for "memoirs" about writers; in five volumes, with 2 devoted to People and half of another to literature]

Sanshi niandai zai Shanghai de Zuolian zuojia (Writers in the Shanghai League of Left-wing Writers in the thirties). 2 vols. Shanghai: Shanghai shehui kexue yuan, 1988. [narrative biographies of scores of writers from the League]

Sieber, Patricia. "Critical Biographies." In Patricia Sieber, ed., Red Is Not the Only Color: Contemporary Chinese Fiction on Love and Sex between Women, Collected Stories. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2001, 183-96. [includes biographies of Chen Ran, Chen Xue, He An, Hong Ling, Liang Hanyi, Wang Anyi, Wong Bikwan (Huang Biyun), and Zhang Mei].

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Zhongguo wenxuejia cidian, xiandai fence (Dictionary of writers-modern period). Hongkong: Wenhua ziliao gongyingshe, 1979.

Pen Names and Foreign Names

Caihai, wenxue fence (Literature supplement of the Cihai). Shanghai: Cishu, 1979. [vol. 9 supplement to Cihai]

Lu Xun quanji (Complete works of Lu Xun). 16 vols. Beijing: Renmin wenxue, 1981. [vol. 16 of the 1981 edition contains indices to Lu Xun's works; the indices are especially useful because the set is so heavily annotated]

Modern Chinese Authors: A List of Pseudonyms. Austin Shu, ed. Taipei: Chinese Materials and Research Aids Service Center, 1971.

Amendments and Additions to the List of Pen-Names of Modern Chinese Authors. Eds. Raoul Findesion, et al. Online version published by MCLC Resource Center, 2001. [an addendum to Zhongguo xiandai wenxue zuozhe biming lu, listed below]

Twentieth-century Chinese Writers and their Pen Names. 2 vols. Taipei: Center for Chinese Studies, 1989.

Waiguo ming zuojia da cidian (Dictionary of famous foreign writers). Guilin: Lijiang, 1989.

Waiguo renmin cidian (Dictionary of foreign names). Shanghai: Shanghai cishu, 1988.

Waiguo wenxue zuojia cidian (Dictionary of foreign literary writers). Jilin jiaoyu, 1990.

Zhongguo xiandai wenxue zuojia benming biming suoyin (An index of the names and pennames of modern Chinese writers). Ed. Zhou Jin. Taibei: Chengwen, 1980.

Zhongguo xiandai wenxue zuozhe biming lu (A list of pseudonyms of modern Chinese authors). Eds. Xu Naixiang and Qin Hong. Changsha: Hunan wenyi, 1988. [the most comphrehensive]

Translation of Foreign Works into Chinese

Chan, Sin-wai. A Chronology of Translation in China and the West: From the Legendary Period to 2004. HK: Chinese University Press, 2008.

[This book is a study of the major events and publications in the world of translation in China and the West from its beginning in the legendary period to 2004, with special references to works published in Chinese and English. It covers a total of 72 countries/places and 1,000 works. All the events and activities in the field have been grouped into 22 areas or categories for easy referencing. This book is a valuable reference tool for all scholars working in the field of translation.]

Chen Yugang, et al. eds., Zhongguo fanyi wenxue shigao (Draft history of translated literature in Chinese). Beijing: Zhongguo duiwai fanyi, 1989.

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-----. "Highlights of Translation Studies in China Since the Mid Nineteenth Century." Meta XLIV, 1 (1999).

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-----. The Chinese Translation of Russian Literature: Three Studies. Leiden: Brill, 2008.

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Jin bainian lai Zhong yi Xi shu mulu (Catalogue of Chinese translations of Western works over the last 100 years). Taipei: Zhonghua wenhua, no date.

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Rabut, Isabelle, ed. Les belles Infidele dans l'empire du milieu: Problematiques de pratiques de la traduction dans le monde Chinois moderne. Paris: You Feng, 2010. [articles on Zhou Zuoren, Yang Jiang, Ba Jin, Han Shaogong, etc.]

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"Theory and Practice of Translation in China." Special issue of Meta XLIV, 1 (1999).

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Zhongguo xiandai chuban shiliao (Historical materials on publishing in modern China). Zhang Jinglu, ed. 6 vols and supplement. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1954-57.

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Zhongguo xin wenxue daxi (Compendium of modern Chinese literature). Ed. Zhao Jiabi. Shanghai: Liangyou tushu, 1935. [vol. 10 has a catalogue of translations from foreign languages with bibliographic information]

Zou, Zhenhuan. Yingxiang Zhongguo jindai shehui de yibai zhong yi zuo (One hundred translated works that have influenced modern Chinese society). Beijing: Zhongguo duiwai fanyi, 1996. [this book is summarized by Thomas Kampen]

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